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Little tents (as opposed to larger sized tent rentals) have been very much in demand these past couple of weeks leading up to and during the festive period. People were in the mood to party outdoors especially because the weather here in the Sarasota, Bradenton / Manatee area has been just so superb. Unseasonably hot with lots of sunshine and, best of all, almost no rain at all. Christmas party goers needed shade for both private and company events alike. As many of the events went on into the night, the tents also provided coverage for another irritating atmospheric condition…. moisture. It may have been dry during the day, but with humidity building up in the late evenings, then your dinner party will become damp if you don’t have a tent over your heads! Those who rented tents from us said that they were glad that they did. They thought that they would need it only during the day to keep the sun off them, but realized how important it was for the evening as well. Anything that was not covered outside of the tent just got damp. One of the images shows a previously spotless tent when it came down. Look at the moisture it picked up and the dust from trees. That would have been on you and your friends and guests!

We probably did more back yard private parties than ever before at this period. Added to that we also provided coverage at some events that wanted only little tents.

What size are little tents?

Generally they are frame tents that are 10′ or 20′ wide and can be from 10′ to 40 or 50 feet in length. Even a 30′ x 30′ tent could be considered as a smaller sized tent. Pole tents tend to be a bit more economical and we do also install some little pole tents too. Such as 20′ x 30′ or 30′ x 30′

You can find more information by visiting this Little Tent Rentals website. Just click HERE  or go to our Facebook page, it is updated on a regular basis.

Little Tents wishes you all a Happy New Year!

Lakewood Tent Rental and our sister company Little Tent Rental would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers and anyone visiting our website a peaceful, prosperous, joyous and a healthy and happy 2016. Thank you for your fabulous support during 2015 and we hope to be able to offer you our services again this coming year.






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