Little Tent Rentals

For your more intimate event rental needs

Little Tent Rentals

LittleTent Rentals by Lakewood. We have a large inventory of very affordable smaller tents. In fact, we love small tents, they are economical to rent, less expensive to deliver and quick to install, thus making savings for you.

Lakewood Tent Rental is structured so that we have teams doing small tents and teams handling the larger sizes. Whatever your needs are, we have dedicated personnel giving you the correct amount of importance.

We also do big tents, so if you are interested in a larger tent, then click here to go to that particular section. Before you go, just have a look below to see what we define as a small tent.

We would define them as generally being 10′ or 20′ wide. Some 30′ wide tents could fall into this category (depending on the length or square footage).

Small to smaller tents.

10 x 10′; 10 x 20′; 10 x 30′ and upwards

15 x 15′

20 x 20′; 20 x 30′ (pole & frame); 20 x 40′; 20 x 50′

30 x 30′ (pole & frame)

These are generally frame tents, though some pole tents are also available in smaller sizes. Remember that Pole tents are more economical to rent and we have pole tents available for these sizes: 20 x 30′ and 30 x 30′ (as well as frame tents in those sizes too). We will happily quote for either or both.

Little Tent Rentals: what are they used for? Why should you rent a small tent?

There are just so many reasons why you may need small tent rentals, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Private back yard parties
  • Intimate wedding parties
  • Event or Festival promotions
  • Car dealerships
  • Out of office promotions
  • Exhibitors at outdoor shows
  • Block parties
  • Places with limited outdoor space available
  • Small stage coverings

The list of reasons is really quite endless, especially as there are sub-sections or exceptions. I.e. perhaps you are organizing a festival and need a big tent for your hospitality area, but you also need small tents for exhibitors or vendors at the same fair. Naturally we can do both types of installations simultaneously. To contact us, just click here.

Here are some images of recent installations of small tent rentals.


IMG_1707 IMG_1685 IMG_1634 sarasota wedding tent rental from lakewood tent rental Sarasota Tent Rental at the Marina: 10x10 with concrete block july 4th Sarasota, FL r w buick 20 x 20 beach small tent rentals