Wedding Tent S.O.S.

yes, it rains in Florida in the summer!


Wedding Tent S.O.S.

And yes, it does rain in Florida during the summer months!

Yesterday we received an S.O.S. for a tent, a wedding tent in Sarasota, because it might rain during their big day (today). Well it is Florida in August where thunderstorms are a daily event, so regular that there is absolutely no need to water plants for weeks on end. Weddings and wedding parties are usually organized a little bit in advance and not a last minute thing people decide to do to on a week-end 🙂

Now here is the thing, because of their location, they required a particular size of wedding tent to fit in under low branches in a narrow spot between tees and over fixed obstacles. Normally not an issue for us, but as we have tents already up for their particular size and all the specific mid sections we have are in use on other tents, we had to juggle things around and offer a good compromise. Actually, more square footage for the price, but two tents end to end instead of a single tent. The couple were delighted that we were able to accommodate their request.

I hark back to what I have mentioned before, if you are planning an event, please take into consideration Florida’s climate. You can’t control the weather, but you can plan for it in advance and get the best deal possible on a tent by booking early. You will also get the exact tent you wish to have.


Now we don’t mind last minute bookings at all, but we hate not being able to give you the exact tent you wanted. It happens very rarely, given our inventory, nevertheless weddings are a very special occasion and we want it to go 100% perfectly and for the couple, for their friends and family to have an extra special day. As a gesture we added in some extra items which they hadn’t booked, for free. Perhaps, for the couple, the tent was not something that they had really considered, or cared too much about. But we do and we wanted it to be better than they had imagined. Perhaps it was just us taking pride in our service.

Let us help you to get your wedding tent, or indeed for any other event, just right. contact us!




















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