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Wedding Tents in Sarasota and on Anna Maria Island

Wedding & Party Tents, for all seasons!

Now that the hot and wet season is upon us it is important to understand the benefits that a tent can bring you and contribute towards making your event a success, be it a wedding party, a company event or a party in general. when you book a tent you take the stress of the weather away from the whole preparation process. At this time of year in Florida, shade and rain protection is of paramount importance. These images clearly demonstrate what kind of shade you can expect when you book a tent from Lakewood Tent Rentals. Both couples who booked these tents from us said that it was a very wise decision as the direct sunlight was quite intense, followed by heavy rain that would have ruined their respective wedding parties.

Event planners and caterers generally advise their clients to book a tent well in advance so that everything can be organized properly. However, privately organized events usually don’t have someone to run through a check list of what should be rented in. Frequently this means that a tent can get rented at the last minute which may lead to disappointment, difficulties and heightened stress levels. In the end, potential mentors may have to take what is available on the market at that particular time and it may not necessarily mean it is the right tent for that event. The moral is book early, get the right tent and eliminate the stress!

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