The Full Monty Tent

going the whole 9 yards for Honda in Port Charlotte.

The Full Monty Tent

a.k.a the whole 9 yards.

The Full Monty is a British expression, frequently attributed to a proper complete breakfast as ordered by Field Marshall Montgomery (Monty) during WWII,  which means “the whole hog” or “full on”. There are other definitions, just click on this link from Wikipedia for more. The dictionary also defines it as”everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’.  The British film of the same name from 1997, refers to striptease. We did the opposite, instead of taking everything off, we put it all on. This tent is known to us as The Full Monty.

We installed a tent last weekend and it had everything that it is possible to have under and around a tent, i.e. “everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’.

Stakes, covered weights, sidewall, lights, tables, chairs, fans, power….all under a tent.

We had a colorful tent ordered by a car dealership in Port Charlotte at a Walmart parking lot, where it is not permitted to stake into the asphalt. Fortunately the location of the tent was beside a long flowerbed to the rear of the tent, so we were able to stake it there. Stakes add security during potentially bad Florida weather. The front had to be double weighted down with concrete blocks (covered with vinyl to make them look great). Once the frame tent has been erected and squared-up, then we add pristine solid sidewall, globe lighting all the way around on the inside; then tables (round and banquet), chairs, fans and power connections. The tent keeps employees and customers alike in the shade and sheltered from the elements, sidewall keeps out wind and the fans keep everyone cool. In other words, The Full Monty!

This tent was then able to become a mobile office / car dealership, with the parking lot around the tent a temporary car dealership lot. A classic example of how a brightly colored tent can become a classic example of an ‘out of home’ sales exercise. Tents attract potential customer’s attention to your marketing exploits and help you boost your sales by getting you noticed.

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