Tent Types for All Types

Tents on Concrete, Sand, Grass?

Tent Types: anywhere you’d like!

At Lakewood Tent Rental we regularly put tents on every kind of surface you can think of. In fact, we have three distinct anchoring methods that permit us make your tent party perfect:

Water Barrel Weights

With water barrels we can support even the larger tents on even surfaces where we cannot use stakes: on asphalt, concrete, parking lots and even basketball courts! When filled, each water barrel will weigh over 400 lbs.



a frame tent with water barrel anchors on tiles

Sarasota Tent Rental at the Marina: 10x10 with concrete block

Covered Concrete Weights

Suitable anchoring for smaller tents where stakes are not permitted. When covered with decorative materials, the concrete block makes an elegant and appealing anchor for your perfect event tent.

Traditional Stakes

Pegged into the ground, these stakes are a classic for outdoor tent events. This is the most secure method for anchoring a tent and is robust enough to handle virtually any surface and can withstand heavy weather. We will even drill asphalt to plant a stake and, as you would expect from any expert tent rental service, we will also repair the holes afterwards. While barrels, concrete weights or stakes can be used frame tents, stakes must be used for the elegant pole tent.

A fully staked pole tent, rented in Sarasota

Any Tent, Any Where!

We can deliver the tent rental service you need, no matter where the location or what the surface. Simply give us a call and we have the tent types just right for your event’s needs. Our expert staff will answer every question you have. We are sure that we have the perfect tent for your event.

…. even if it is on the beach!

July 4th Lido Beach Sarasota Tent Rental


Learn more about tent types at Wikipedia.


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