Sunrise at Lakewood Ranch for a charity cycle event

Charity event's lunch saved by a tent.

lakewood tent sunrise Lakewood Ranch 40 x 60 Lakewood Tent Rental Lakewood Tent Rental @ Lakewood RanchSunrise at Lakewood Ranch

Sunrise at Lakewood Ranch, a dry morning for a charity cycle ride, though that didn’t last for very long. Rain is a way of life for cyclists, it happens and you get on with it. However, rain is not what you want when you are sitting down to a well deserved lunch! Early afternoon on Sunday it rained, and heavily too, accompanied by winds of up to 20 mph. Not the most perfect scenario for outdoor eating in Lakewood Ranch on Main Street.

With good foresight, we were booked to install a 40′ x 60′ frame tent to cover the tables, chairs, street, serving area, speaker’s platform…. in fact the whole street (which was 40′ wide to the inch).  As well as another tent to cover the band’s stage and their musical instruments.

Lakewood Tents at Lakewood Ranch.

Everything had to be installed before 9am, so to make sure that everything was done as it was supposed to be, we were on site with a top crew before 7am. We started in the relative darkness of a Florida dawn and finished just as the sun was beginning to bathe the upper parts of Main Street’s buildings with sunlight. We had the whole installation completed well ahead of schedule. Staking into the ground was not an option so we had to use water barrels and concrete weights, lots of them as we knew that the weather was going to be inclement.

Just as we were arriving back at Lakewood Ranch in the afternoon for the tent’s removal, there was a squall blowing up the street, gusts of wind was blowing the rain sideways. Notwithstanding that, the tent was packed with very happy cyclists having their lunch and drinks. There was a very lively and boisterous atmosphere and, above all, everyone was dry and sheltered under the Lakewood Tent at Lakewood Ranch.

Great call to book a tent, if they hadn’t it would have been a complete washout. Remember, you can control a lot but not the weather!

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