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Sarasota Wedding Tent Rental

Interested in the process of setting up a Wedding Tent here in sunny Sarasota?

Here is a preparation snapshot:

Totally flat Sarasota Tent Rental Fully Installed Wedding Tent


Event Tent Installation

First lay the the pristine white pole tent out, lace the sections together and, a very important part, then square it up. The sides need to be straight and proper right angles in the 4 corners. Next, measure and mark the stakes from the side of the tent, hammer the stakes in and tie off the ropes to the correct tension (not too tight and yet not too loose). Insert the side poles along the sides. When that is done the centre poles are then brought in and positioned. Slowly, one by one, they are erected into a vertical position and secured. Once that has been completed the whole tent is tightened up all the way around, making sure that the shape is correct and made 100% secure.

Finishing Touches

Once done, the illumination, tables, chairs are brought in and the sidewall is then added. Now the tent is ready for the caters to move in to prepare for the wedding reception. They will then lay out the tables with tablecloths, dinner service, set up the bar and food serving areas. The DJ can set up his music station for the post meal dancing.

All services working together like a well oiled machine.

After the party is over in the evening, back we come and down she comes…. everything in reverse order.

This was how our latest Sarasota wedding tent was installed. Reserve yours today!


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