Sarasota wedding tent rental

Lovely little tent

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Sarasota wedding tent rental.

A Sarasota back yard wedding Tent

Sarasota wedding tent rental.
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This is a beautiful back yard wedding tent for a Sarasota wedding party. It really was in a lovely setting, gorgeous exterior, plants, trees for shade and so tastefully decorated. Sadly we don’t have any images of the decoration as they were being dismantled when we arrived to remove the tent, though I must say, it was probably one of the best we have seen.

More thought than money was spent on the actual decorations. That was the pleasing part to see, it really was an original wedding tent. It appeared that much of the actual furniture was made from recycled materials, as well as the decorations. Such imagination. For example, the dinner menu was written on to an old smoked glass door propped up against a tree, the dining tables were recycled wooden planks, driftwood gathered from the beach made central table decorations. Exquisite!

Mud, grass and dirt.

We installed this 30 x 30 pole tent and we had really made sure that it was in pristine condition for their big event, as we always do. To our dismay, we saw that the grass had been cut recently and, because of heavy Sarasota rain during the previous days, it looked like water had been forming a small lake in their garden recently. The area for the tent was just mud, grass and dirt. It was still damp and the tent was going to pick this up when it was laid out, which it duly did. So once we had the tent up and the pole covers in place, we hosed it down from the inside to give it back its interior shine. As you can see from the photographs, it regained its healthy clean demeanor and we were pleased with the results.

The wedding couple said that they had a marvelous Sarasota wedding, even if it did rain heavily on Saturday afternoon for an hour, they were kept dry by our tent and everything went swimmingly!

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