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Sarasota Thunder in the Bay

Sarasota Thunder in the Bay. What a great weekend of live music and the sound of thousands of bikes and bikers in downtown Sarasota last weekend. The city was alive with the constant rumble of bikes in and around town all weekend. Lakewood Tent Rental was very pleased to be part of it and it was a hectic couple of days I can tell you. There were the logistical hurdles to overcome, who gets which tent and where with the organizers and then to get in physical contact with our other customers and to locate where their tents needed to be set up. All within a limited time frame and, with hundreds of other vendors and exhibitors vying for space (and with their vehicles maneuvering in a very limited area) it was not easy, but we were pleased to finish our installments ahead of schedule to give people time to set up their stands in good time.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing event, with a lot of money was also raised for charity as well. The music was great and loud (as it should be), the bikes – 99.9999% were HD’s, of course, with one or two surprises thrown in for good measure. Pleased to see some Triumphs there as well. Speaking to a policeman about the event, he said that it was one of the easiest (if loudest) that the Sarasota PD have to police all year. All credit to the bikers and visitors!sarasota thunder in the bay IMG_2120 IMG_2122 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2136 IMG_2145 IMG_2146

Mangled pop up tents.

All went well, though a gusty storm blew in on Saturday afternoon and caused some people some problems. After the storm went through, we went into town to check up on everything. One of theIMG_2150 restrictions is that we must anchor most every tent with weights and heavy storms, like Saturday’s, are unwelcome when tents are weighted down. We knew that a storm would pass through so we extra weighted our tents and they all fared very well. Our customers were pleased that they were safe and sound under their tents, though they said that a number of other people were badly affected. Those were people who brought their pop up tents for their sales and exhibitions, a number of which were totally destroyed because of the wind and rain. Imagine all the effort that some people went through with their planning, the expense and a bit of weather blows through and then they have to pull out of the event half way through because their cheap pop up couldn’t guarantee that they made it through the event. That will have left them in the hole. I hope that next year they will consider booking a professional tent company to guarantee their event to be much more successful than this year. Times are hard and people who try to make  some extra income should not lose out, though cutting costs can often cost you more in the long run.

El Niño

Is it because of El Niño that our Florida winter weather has been shaken up? Maybe its still too early to tell, however it is cooler, windier and wetter than is usual this time of year. We are receiving more calls than ever from both businesses and private party organizers requesting tents because they are worried about the weather. Others in our sector are reporting the same thing. Normally at this time of year it is much calmer (weather wise) and as such we are treating the weather with the same respect of a Florida summer, meaning beware of strong winds and heavy rain that can blow in without much warning. Safety is of paramount concern to us and mother nature will never cease to surprise us with her intensity. The old expression is still so very true “you can control a lot, but never the weather”.

Most all tents that were set up were small tents. For more on small tents and how it can help you with our sales or advertising, please follow this link


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