Sarasota Summer Tent Rentals

Sarasota Tent Rentals

It is a busy time for tent rentals in Sarasota tent rentals and the surrounding area. We are pleased to have been very busy before this part of the world seems to take a month long siesta. Since our last post we have had tents up from north of Tampa, inland as far as Arcadia and south down to North Port. There were so many reasons for the rentals, some were private parties (wedding engagement parties, graduation parties and, of course, birthday parties). Then there were charity events and major local events such as the Sarasota Powerboat race over the weekend before the Independence day celebrations. Now, what goes with those celebrations? Nothing better than fireworks and we supplied tents for fireworks vendors all over the area. Judging by the night time explosions on July 4th, firework sellers did a roaring trade. Perhaps dogs and other creatures were not so happy.

The tent sizes ranged from rather large: 60′ x 100′; 40′ x 100′; 40′ x 60′ pole tents. To rather much smaller 20′ x 40′; 20′ x 30′; 20′ x 20′ and even 10′ x 10′ frame tents.

Why do you need a tent for your event?

At this time of year the weather means that you need a tent for your event. It is hot, it is sunny and it is also very wet. Sarasota tent rentals will keep you covered! Uncovered, any one of these three things can absolutely ruin your event. It also means that, because the weather can be severe, the tents have to be put up properly with safety at the forefront of our thinking when we carry out the installation.

Below are some images of some of the tents we installed recently.

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