Renting a Wedding Tent

Guideline to renting a wedding tent

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Renting wedding tents and some advice on how to go about it

Here is a bit of advice when planning an event like a wedding or other outdoor event: you can plan for and control a great deal of what is going to happen, but the weather will never be one of them. Renting a tent is a serious option that you have at your disposal. They can be daunting to think about, but if you have to rent a wedding tent (or an event tent) then consider your options: outdoor venue, no back up plan, chance of rain?  The weather in Gulf Coast Florida can be one of two things generally speaking; hot or hot and wet!  You may have to budget for a tent and do it early on. If you start to think along these lines, then you are taking the weather out of the whole equation and stress levels will drop immediately.

When to rent a wedding tent?

It’s important to factor in whether you will need to rent a wedding tent early on in the planning process. When you’re looking at venues, you’ll want to consider the price of the tent rental into any venue that doesn’t have indoor options. Essentially, if you’re considering outdoor venues and there is more than a remote chance of bad weather, or indeed it could even be too hot with too much sunshine on your wedding date, then renting a tent should be given a priority.

Roughly what size you’ll need

Perhaps it may still be early in the planning process, but you will need to have an idea of the numbers of guests attending to start getting a quote. Also you will want to decide what kind of ceremony you’d like. That is to say; seated with round tables; stand up buffet type with some seating or cocktail tables. Then do you want a dance floor or a stage?

These kinds of things will dictate the minimum amount of space required. As a sort of general rule, take it that you’ll need about 10 sq ft/person seated. Then additional space for the dance floor/bar/service area. It is important to manage the size correctly. That will get you started when speaking to us. Remember, too much space means extra cost and, just as importantly, it could look like a lot of people didn’t show up. Too little space means that it could be cramped and that you have been skimping on costs.

Please also remember that, other than the actual size of the tent, space will be needed around it to anchor it to the ground. Generally venues will have that additional space available, but keep that point in mind.

Which kind of tent should you rent?

Generally speaking, there are two types to choose from, Pole Tents (Traditional or High Peak) or Frame Tents. There is the top of the range clear span frame tent as well.

There are pros and cons to both.

Pole Tent


  • Higher volume ceilings making it more spacious underneath, thus cooler in hot    situations.
  • Aesthetically more pleasing to see.
  • No internal frame structure on view.
  • Least expensive option.


  • Has a central pole or poles inside the tent.
  • Must be staked into the ground.

Frame Tent


  • No central poles, giving a more open space throughout the tent.
  • Can be installed on any even surface and does not have to be staked.


  • Frame structure on view, unless a liner is ordered.
  • Somewhat more expensive to rent.


For a pictorial idea of the difference between the two tents, just click here.

So now you will have a general idea of what is involved when deciding when and what kind of tent to rent when renting a wedding tent.

Feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation about your wedding tent and we will be delighted to assist you.






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