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Rental Tents. As was mentioned in our previous post, we installed 35+ tents for the Science Festival in St. Pete. It was also mentioned that we installed a number of others at the same time. Pretty much here is a pictorial view of the tents installed by Lakewood Tent Rental during or just after that big festival event.

There were quite a few and mostly all pretty big. Both pole and frame tents in locations such as North Port, Anna Maria Island, St. Pete, Myakka City, Ellenton, Parish and downtown Sarasota.  These coming weeks will be busy, people and organizations a booking rental tents in record numbers.tent rentals for furniture warehouse IMG_1688 IMG_1692

A big thank you.

It kicked off with a 30 x 60′ frame tent at the Furniture warehouse in Ellenton. Squeezed in between a truck and a hedge. Then a 20 x 80′ over palm trees on Anna Maria island for a wedding. Then a 40 x 80′ and a 30 x 60′ in the same location, again a very tight installation and with height restrictions under tree branches. Then two churches, both pole tents and space to maneuver at last. One was a 40 x 60′ and the other a 30 x 60′. We installed a 40 x 80′ pole tent too for a grand opening. Again we had plenty of space to install that one. On top of that there was a clear top wedding tent with full flooring, this was a 30 x 50′ frame tent. And last but not least a 30 x 80′ frame tent on a basketball court, partially staked and partially weighted so as not to damage the court. This was for a Halloween party.

All of the above needed different kinds of sidewall, i.e. ranging from solid to window to completely transparent. Tables, chairs, table linen as well as table settings and lighting.

So, as you can see, it has been a marvelously bust period for all of us here at Lakewood Tent Rental. A big thanks to our customers for allowing us to manage the installation schedule and, of course, another big thanks to our installation crews for their dedication and solid performances with their installations. Lakewood Tent Rental IMG_1731 IMG_1732 IMG_1737 IMG_1745 IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1759


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