Rain, rain, rain…….

Rain, sun and shelter

Rain, rain, rain…….

Once upon a time it was sunny and hot in Florida during the day (still is hot) and then in the afternoons the clouds would build up and we’d get a ‘refreshing’ thunder storm. Now we have storms and showers in the early morning, more in the early afternoon, heavy rain (with or without a thunderstorm) in the late afternoon and, just for a change, more precipitation at night. Many of our customers have stopped booking tents for the blissful shade that they bring, but to protect their clients from the rain. We put this up over an office and reception area starting at 6am in St. Pete, and yes you guessed right, it was raining at the time! Now the car dealership can check in their customers under a dry tent. It is a good example of a customer using lateral thinking on how best to solve a problem that was having an adverse affect on his customers.

Of course the sun will come back and their clients can enjoy the shade as well.

Additional storage space.

This car dealership in St. Pete was actually the first installation of the day (we were on site before 6 am). There was another one to be done in Sarasota after that and this was also because of the adverse weather affecting this part of Florida. Another customer was in the middle of up grading his warehouse and needed additional storage space. A tent (this one was a 40′ x 60′ pole tent) was the ideal temporary warehouse for him.

So, tents are not just for the fun things in life like parties or weddings. They are problem solvers with their quick set up to act as temporary structures in moments of need.

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30 x 30 office st pete 30 x 30 office st pete


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