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Pole Tent

Have you ever wondered how a pole tent is taken down? The answer is quite easy, we use gravity! Of course a lot of preparation work has to be done before getting to this spectacular stage. Removing specific side poles and their anchors, repositioning the remaining side poles and the centre poles to the correct angle and so on. Then, when everything is ready, the centre poles are removed. The tent then floats to the ground in a gentle but controlled manner.


This short movie clip shows the last 2, of 8, centre poles on a 60′ x 120′ high peak pole tent being removed. The photo shows the whole tent in all her glory prior to being uninstalled.

pole tent 60' x 120'








Not only large Tents.

Lakewood Tent Rental is not only about large tents. We also love little tents, so much so we have a separate division called Little Tent Rental, click here to go to the LTR website  Little Tent Rental has been rather busy recently too. They have been installing tents from Venice to St. Pete and points in between. This is a busy time of year with car dealerships having promotions, graduation parties, family reunions, intimate weddings. The list is quite endless as to who rents a tent and why.

Here are some images.
car dealership tent car dealership tent graduation party private party

Car Dealership promotion.






Private party.







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