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  • holiday season tents

    Holiday Season Tents Holiday season tents. Christmas tree tents up, then down. Firework tents up, then down. Event tents up, then down. Party tents up, then down. A lot of ups and downs between December and January. Some very big, some small… remember that occasionally size does matter, it has to be the right size […]

  • sarasota bradenton tents

    Sarasota Bradenton Tents It’s been very hot, humid and very wet recently. Thats the reason why you do need a tent, especially at this time of year and why we have been renting a good number  of Sarasota Bradenton tents, even during this “off season”. Tents give shade from Florida’s  elements, it’s burning sun. It […]

  • tents for any event

    Tents for any Event   It is the time of year when Florida takes her summer siesta, usually means that there is a lower than usual demand for a tent for any event. This year it seems or feels that it is hotter than usual, the rains are much more regular and the sun is […]

  • Sarasota Summer Tent Rentals

    Sarasota Tent Rentals It is a busy time for tent rentals in Sarasota tent rentals and the surrounding area. We are pleased to have been very busy before this part of the world seems to take a month long siesta. Since our last post we have had tents up from north of Tampa, inland as […]

  • affordable tent rentals

    Affordable Tent rentals Lakewood offers affordable tent rentals. We believe that we have to offer you, our customer, the best deal possible and the right tent for your event.  We like to couple that with quality service. There is no point for us to just make money from you, we need you to feel that you […]

  • photos of recent tent rentals

    Photos of recent tent rentals   Photos of recent tent rentals are the best way to show you our capabilities. There have been numerous rentals for tents of different sizes, types and for different purposes. For example, they were for a company party that needed shade for the dining area; weddings of course, backyard party, […]

  • Graduation Party tent

    Graduation Party Tent It’s graduation party planning time and time for the graduation party tent!  We are receiving a lot of enquiries right now as well as bookings. Last year we had many, many requests and were able to satisfy the demand easily enough. This year we are receiving many more bookings for graduation parties […]

  • Tent Images

    Tent Images Tent Images by Lakewood Tent Rental. In today’s world we are in such a rush and don’t take time to read anything much more than news headlines or listen to soundbites to get our information. So, rather than using up the 300 word minimum requirement for good Google S. E. O. Lets just look […]