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Little Tent Rentals have the right sized tent for you. What is small? Size is relative to the space at your disposal for a little tent rental. It could be 10’ x 10’; 10’ x 20’; 20’ x 20’; 20’ x 30’ or perhaps slightly larger. many of our tents are sectional and the size can be incremented in a modular way.

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Most of the time big tents are just not needed, they are not suitable for the occasion or the event. Little Tent Rental is a dedicated sub-division of Lakewood Tent Rental.

Little Tent Rentals has a passion for smaller tents, that’s why we believe in small is beautiful. LTR have a large inventory of smaller sized tents and we install them at your location with pride. Pride in the quality of our tents, our service and, above all, being able to understand exactly what you need and why. Your event is important to you, you need to look and feel good. That’s why it’s important to us too.

Tents as marketing or advertising tools

Tents are marketing, advertising, promotional and sales tools. Car dealerships use them for shop-in-shop promotions; to attract attention to specific events on their own lots. They use them to advertise a special event on their own property. At events or fairs organizations use them as out-of-home promotional opportunities, i.e. if they can’t come to our office, we’ll take our office to them. In effect, when people come to your tent, they are on your property.

People are naturally drawn towards tents; tents grab attention. Its not just for the shade that they provide, tents are associated with something out of the ordinary happening and people are more inquisitive about that.

Shade from the strong Florida sun is a benefit of course, but did you know that whoever enters your tent is going to be more receptive to your message? They are going to spend a little more time there simply because they are in the shade. If you are promoting or selling that has to be good for you.

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