Party and event tent rental images

Little tent images

Party and event tent rental images.

Affordable party and event tent rental images, helping you understand visually what are small tents, have a look at the photographs on this page.

There are so many reasons to rent a tent for your event, be it a private or public function . Back yard parties, an open air sales tool, a festival sales or promotion tent, cover for a small stage, an intimate wedding party. The list and uses are endless as these images will show you. Mostly the small tents are frame tents, though some can be small pole tents as well.

sarasota thunder in the bay IMG_2036 r w buick linger1 20 x 20 beach IMG_0571 IMG_1034 IMG_1751 IMG_1804 sarasota highland games IMG_2146 IMG_2129 IMG_2128 IMG_2007IMG_1634 30 x 30 office st pete 11289453_661372487297907_2063910005870149790_o little tent rentals

Vendor tents at a street festival.






Preparations for an open air wedding party.

A promotion at a car dealership.





Blues festival

a beach wedding.





A wedding pole tent in a park.

A downtown music festival.





A golf tournament using small individual tents for their sponsors and vendors.





Clans tents for the Sarasota Highland games.

A private back yard party.




Another street festival in Sarasota with a VIP tent.






Private party for a big family Christmas party.

A wedding tent in a back yard.




Temporary shelter at a car dealership.


Beach wedding.




In Florida it is either hot, so you need shade from the sun. Or it can be wet, so you need shelter from the rain. Often both in the same day! Take the weather out of the equation so you can plan your event or party with peace of mind. These are just some of the reasons why you will need a tent to keep you covered for your special event.

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