Hurricane Grill & Wings opening

grand opening event in Bradenton

Hurricane Grill & Wings opening

It’s Hurricane Grill & Wings opening on Cortez road in Bradenton, Florida. Live music on stage and food in their parking lot today under a Lakewood tent. When we took the booking it was intended as a way to attract attention and shade from the sun. Given today’s weather, the tent will not only be noticed by passers by, it will be a place to keep warm and dry. More than 2″ of rain has fallen these past 24 hours already with more on the way. Under the tent everyone will be kept dry, sidewall will protect them even more from winds that precede and accompany rain storms. The live music on the stage provided will surely get everyone in the mood to party. We hope that there is a good turn out for them and we wish them every success for today and for the future!

Tents as temporary structures.

Indeed not only did Hurricane Grill & Wings need a tent for their opening to keep their customers sheltered from the rain. Immediately after we installed this tent, we had to go north to St. Petersburg to put up another tent to install another on (30′ x 30′) at a car dealership. They have a temporary waiting room on site for their customers who are having their vehicles serviced. The rain has been so intense that there was not enough room inside and the rain was causing them all kinds of problems. We fixed that for them in no time at all. Soon their refurbished waiting room will be ready to keep their patrons cool and dry. This is another example of how a tent can be used as a temporary structure, rather than as a party or event tent.  As a matter of fact, we have 2 large pole tents being used as temporary extra storage facilities at two different locations while work is being done on the respective warehouses.

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