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Graduation Party Tents

It’s that time of year again and graduation parties are in full swing. Lakewood Tent Rental, in particular, Little Tent Rentals (our sister company) have been busy in helping parents help their newly graduated children (well, now young adults) celebrate with graduation party tents. It is a proud time for parents and in equal measure for the newly graduated Grads. They will be thinking of what the future holds for them all. Grads off to college and parents in an emptier house.  The kids need to find their own feet in this world, it will take time but now is their time. The parents will take pride in the fact that they have done their job in bringing up their children and need to let them go out into this world as well prepared as they can be. It’s not an easy moment for parents.

It is a time for celebration.

Everyone has done their best and now the future awaits. We were please to be able to help everyone that we could celebrate in Manatee and Sarasota counties, with little and not so little tents.  Just to make matters worse, tropical storm Colin was on the horizon and our areas were in his cross hairs. Fortunately, he timed his run at the Gulf Coast of Florida to perfection allowing everyone to have their parties before the wind and rain hit us here. We were able to install all the tents in numerous locations and (just as importantly) get them down in time before the winds and rain arrived. Indeed, it was reported that in South Sarasota, the winds were clocked at 70 mph at one point on Monday afternoon.

July 4th Fireworks tents.

It’s also that time of year again. We are putting up tents for July 4th fireworks sales! More on that in the future!

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