Sarasota golf tournament for legends

A busy week for Lakewood Tent Rental

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Sarasota Golf Tournament for Legends

After weeks tent rental of preparation, the day came to install the tents for the Legends Golf tournament in Sarasota, at Palm Aire. We had a good mixture of large and small tents for their event, as well as tables and chairs. All pristine white and just right for the event. The installation had to be done a week in advance of the tournament to allow the organizers do their thing in getting everything ready for their sponsors and other participants in their big event.

Gusty winds

The weather forecast was for gusty wind during that week and that’s how it turned out to be, with winds of up to 20mph during the last days of the tournament. Though thankfully, sun and very little rain (just some).  Naturally we had prepared for this and made doubly sure that everything was very secure.  Tents, unless it is a special or specific occasion, are not up for that long. We did, just as a service and our peace of mind, make a second trip to the installation to double check everything prior to the golf tournament’s start.

Our sincere thanks go to Palm Aire members for their assistance in making our set up go as smoothly as possible.

But not only golf…. so many other events as well!

At the same time, we did have other tents booked. Indeed we had up over 30 tents that weekend! It could be summarized as follows: Our tents were used for a charity event in Port Charlotte, a school fund raiser and a Veterans day commemorative parade also in Bradenton, the golf tournament of course, a private party, a Lido beach wedding and a music festival at Linger Lodge; as well as providing a large number of tables and chairs for another charity date also in Sarasota.

So as you can see, it has been all go at Lakewood Tent rental these past few days. A pleasing thing was that a number of the bookings came through our website, and the response from our new customers was very complimentary for our service and flexibility. Thank you to our new customers as well as a big thank you to our repeat bookings! I hope that you will use our company again for your next event.

Here are some photo’s of our week’s work


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