Festival installation

Festival installation in St Pete

This week the St Pete Science Festival is under way under blissfully clear blue Florida skies, slightly lower daytime temperatures and very low humidity. We had the pleasure of doing the festival installation for them with their tents, tables and chairs. The festival installation in St Pete is one of the more logistically challenging installations that we do during the year. There are strict regulations concerning vehicle access on the grounds and that means that every tent and aluminum required to set it up has to be ferried from a staging point. This is extremely time consuming and costly but the host’s regulations must be respected completely.

36 tents

In total 36 tents were part of the festival installation in St Pete  ranging from small to fairly large, mostly with water barrels or weights, though some, in certain areas could be staked. This took a lot of  logistical planning for each day that we needed for this event’s installation. Others would say a nightmare but we accept it as a challenge. On top of that we had to ferry to each tent hundreds of tables and chairs and set those up too. What made this much easier was the benevolent weather, insofar as the humidity levels have dropped off noticeably and we are all thankful for that! It will also make it much more pleasant for the 25,000 visitors expected during the two days of the festival.Science Festival St. Pete st. pete science festival st. pete science festival st. pete science festival st. pete science festival st. pete science festival




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