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lwtr logoF A Q – A general guide on renting a tent from Lakewood Tent Rental.

F A Q  For whatever reason you are planning for an outdoor Florida event in the Sarasota / Bradenton / Manatee and surrounding areas, be it a wedding (on the beach, on church land or in a private area) or a private party, an event of some sort perhaps at a golf or country club, maybe even a block party, the procedure is pretty much the same. Just follow these guidelines and this will help you get everything right first time. Even if you just need a tent without many of the things listed below, a number of the questions will be relevant to you too.

Mostly people think a tent is for shade from the sun and protection from the rain, but it is also about personalizing your own space and visibility so make your plans as early as possible. You will get the right tent and peace of mind that it has been taken care of. It will remove the weather from the equation. Don’t leave it to the last minute as that only increases your stress levels.

Basic points to consider when trying to work out the best size and type (i.e. frame or pole) of a tent to rent. Please remember, we are at your disposal to assist you in figuring all of this out and guiding you in the right direction. If required, we are available for site visits and can quickly sort all of this out face to face in a matter of a few minutes.

Feel free to phone or email us at any time and we will be delighted to walk you through the process and give you our professional advice on the best size of tent that you will need to make your event worry free.

Planning Tips in determining the size of tent needed.

How much physical space is there available for your event? Tents need to be anchored, so additional space around the whole tent is also needed.

How many people will attend and what else will be required to be sheltered under the tent?

A general rule of thumb is that you will need about 100 square feet of space for 8 – 10 people seated. So take the number of people attending and multiply that by 10 to get an approximation of the overall square footage you will need.

f.y.i. 8’ banquet tables seat up to 8 people; 7’ round banquet tables can seat 8-10 guests. Round tables, while more ideal for dining, do take up more space.

So for example if you are planning on 50 guests, then you will need about 500 square feet. Perhaps you could then consider a 20’ x 30’ frame tent, which will allow a little extra space for you and your guests. Also if a stage or serving area is required, remember that that too needs space.

See our post “How to rent a wedding Tent” for more information.

Types of tents

There are two main categories of tents, click on the links for images of both: Frame Tents and Pole Tents.

Frame tents are single span structures, using aluminum pipes, which are covered by a canopy. Staking them into the ground is the ideal way to securely anchor them. However, should we not be permitted to use stakes, we have alternative anchoring options open to us.

Pole Tents have a central Pole (1 or more, depending on the style used) and have a higher ceiling, giving greater volume to the tent. Pole Tents MUST be staked into the ground (grass or asphalt).

Which kind of tent should you rent?

Generally speaking, there are two types to choose from, Pole Tents (Traditional or High Peak) or Frame Tents. There is the top of the range clear span frame tent as well.

There are pros and cons to both.

Pole Tent


  • Higher volume ceilings making it more spacious underneath, thus cooler in hot    situations.
  • Aesthetically more pleasing to see.
  • No internal frame structure on view.
  • Least expensive option.


  • Has a central pole or poles inside the tent.
  • Must be staked into the ground.

Frame Tent


  • No central poles, giving a more open space throughout the tent.
  • Can be installed on any even surface and does not have to be staked.


  • Frame structure on view, unless a liner is ordered.
  • Somewhat more expensive to rent.


Please call us and we will give you our guidance on this.




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