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Event Tents for those special moments.

Event Tents. Two special events are taking place this weekend, one in Sarasota and the other in Venice. Both had somethings in common; they both needed 800 sq. ft of coverage and wanted red and white tents to match their respective corporate identities. They were also a form of marketing or sales event.

The Big Top Brewing Company in Sarasota are marking their 2nd anniversary with a big fun filled spectacular celebration. We were pleased to install their tent for them. They also had a high wire walker show as well as other games for their patrons to enjoy.  You can get more information about what they do and brew from this link: www.bigtopbrewing.com/blog/2-year-anniversary-party/

Nissan of Venice wanted a red & white tent to promote their special sales event and there is no better way to catch the eye of passing motorists than the sight of a tent outside a car dealership. Tents have that ‘made you look’ ability when being used as part of a marketing strategy. People are curious to know what’s going on around them.

There was another thing that these two companies had in common: both their events took place on a stormy and wet Saturday afternoon. Their rented tents will also have kept their patrons dry without disturbing greatly their respective events while waiting for the storm to pass through. Renting a tent takes the weather out of the equation for an outdoor event, so don’t leave it to chance. This is also true for private parties or non profit fund raising events. Whatever your event is, the weather has the potential to ruin any outdoor event.

Book a tent from Lakewood Tent Rental, as we say…. “we’ve got you covered!”

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