check list for your rental

tent rental check list

Check list for your rental

general tent rental information.

When you contact us, these are some of the questions we will ask to be able to offer you our best quote. It will help both you and us determine what type and size of tent will be most suitable for your event. After a consultation it may transpire that the tent size that a client had imagined that they’d like is not really that suitable. If the tent is too big then it will give a feeling of being empty inside it. Conversely, if it is too small then it will feel a bit cramped. Also, physical space has to be taken into consideration. Please also see the page guide to renting for additional information. This is the check list for your rental:

  • What is the purpose of the event? _________________________________
  • Where and when is it? ____________________________________________
  • How long is it for? ________________________________________________

We like install the day before and remove it the day after the event to give you more time to prepare.

  • How many people will be attending?_______________________________
  • Will everyone be seated? __________________________________________
  • If it is a party with dining, will the caterers also share the tent for buffet serving? __________________________________________________
  • Will you require tables and chairs? _______________________

Round or rectangular? Round tables are better for dining, though they take up more space.

  • Do you need dance floor space? _________________________
  • Will you require a stage? ________________________________

These points may have a bearing on the overall size required. We will guide you on that.

  • Do you have a preference for frame tents or pole tents? P / F
  • How much clear space of land is available for the tent?___________________________________

Remember that means horizontally and vertically! You will need to allow extra space all around for stakes or weights to secure the tent. Depending on the tent size it could mean an extra 4 – 8’ on all 4 sides.

  • What kind of surface will it be on? Grass? Asphalt? Paving? Dirt?_____________________________
  • Can stakes be used? _____________________________________

Stakes for a frame tent are the most secure way of anchoring a tent. Pole tents must be staked. If we cannot use stakes for a frame tent then we have other options to secure frame tents, such as water barrels or concrete weights.

  • Is it on private or public land? __________   We can advise you about permitting and can take care of that for you if it is required.
  • Will you need lighting? Y / N     Is there a power supply close to the tent for you to run a power cable to hook up to the lights?
  • What about sidewall?  Y / N        Sidewall is good protection from breezy conditions. You may wish to consider that as well.
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