Inside a wedding tent.

preparing a wedding tent for the caterers

Ever wondered what a wedding tent is like once the tent has been installed and then the caterers move in to set up for their part of the party? Here are a couple of images of what it can look like under a 60′ x 60′ high peak pole tent.

We started the installation before dawn as there was a stretch timetable to adhere to. After we erected the actual tent we hung on the sidewall and illumination. Put in the tables and chairs then the basis for the wedding party was there. We also covered the centre pole and side poles with wedding white vinyl to make the wedding tent even prettier for the event.

It was a pretty breezy day and the transparent sidewall at one end kept the winds at bay but still allowed the fabulous Sarasota sea views in.

Now it was up to the caterers to move in and do their part. They dressed the tables with the table cloths and set the tables, prepared the bar and a food service area. At the same time the DJ set up his console and speakers for the post dinner party. All in all, it worked like a well oiled machine.

When the party was over that night, everything was cleared away leaving no traces.

We think you’ll agree that it was a very special place to have a wedding party.


inside wedding

inside wedding 2










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