BBQ Bash in Venice

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BBQ Bash in Venice

Last weekend saw the annual BBQ Bash in Venice take place for the 7th year. It is becoming a fixed date in the diary for many people. Some 15,000 were expected and the crowds were large. The music was great and, notwithstanding the number of visitors, there were no long lines of people waiting to get food and beer. Another fabulous thing about the BBQ Bash in Venice is that there is no charge to get in!

We, Lakewood Tent Rental and our sister company, Little Tent Rentals, had the honor of supplying some 32 tents of all sizes (from 10 x 10’s to 60 x 90′) as well as  3,350’+ of fencing, tables and chairs galore. It was a long, hot and windy installation, but thanks to Kelly and her team of organizers, we knew exactly where everything had to go.

Events like these need to be well prepared for, as usual we start with a diagram which then for us turns into our own logistical planning, tent washing if required, vehicle loading and then early starts. Fortunately, when the event is over, then it’s easy just to bring bach what you took.planning for a festival loading loading tent installation inside a big pole tent pole tent tents installed beer tent festival tent rentals wedding tent inside a wedding tent inside a beach wedding tent

It took a large crew 2 full days to install and 2 full days to remove everything. Lakewood did the bigger tents and fencing while Little Tent Rental took care of the smaller sized tents.

Small tents seem to be in fashion at the moment and Little T. R. is going at a great pace presently. If you wish more info on Little T. R. just click here: or on their Facebook page for up to date info.


It also seems to be wedding time as well. No sooner had we installed all of these tents for the BBQ Bash in Venice, we had 3 wedding installations to do in Bradenton, Anna Maria Island and on Treasure Island. Romantic Florida beach weddings.




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